The Best Remodeling Projects for Pet-Owners


With so many remodel options, are there any that are ideal for pet-owners?

Here is the dilemma: you love your dog or your cat, but you would also love to have a stylish home that looks and smells fresh and beautiful. Is it possible to have both? Pets can wreak havoc on a home’s interior. Scratched wood flooring, mud-stained walls, and truckloads of hair are a reality in the home of any pet owner. Pet lovers will all agree that these damages are a small price to pay for the joys that come with owning a dog. For those pet owners thinking about a home remodel, why not include elements that reduce these damages and make your home friendlier for your furry friend? Pets are definitely a remodeling challenge, but a remodeling project designed with pets in mind can be both beautiful and functional.

Remodeling Ideas:

  • Dog showers are a popular pet home improvement. They are typically installed in the laundry room or mudroom where you can corner canines before they trail dirty paws or funky odors through the rest of the house.
  • Storage and feeding stations keep food, grooming and other pet supplies organized and close at hand, and water and bowls from getting knocked over. The following solutions work well in kitchens, or laundry rooms.
  • Flooring choices can make a difference to your sanity and cleaning bills if you have dogs. Carpeting may be comfortable for you and your canines, but it can be a nightmare when it comes to maintenance. Consider flooring options such as vinyl or tile.

Keep Them Safe While Remodeling

A few days before the hammers start to swing, set up a safe and comfortable place for your pets away from the project area. This can simply be a room closed off from the work area, or a gated off area in your home. This area should have all of their essential items: food dish, water bowl, bedding, crate, toys, leash etc. Having a few days to prepare and acclimatize to their new space before the noise starts and the strangers show up will help soothe any anxiety they may have.

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