Interest Rates On The Rise: Why It’s Important To Get Pre-Qualified Now

Interest rates are on the rise, so it’s crucial to get pre-qualified now!

Interest rates are on the rise, so it’s crucial to get pre-qualified now!

Home interest rates are currently on the rise, which means that it is more important than ever for homebuyers to get pre-qualified now. Mortgage rates have increased in 2018, and are expected to continue rising over the next year. Continue reading to learn more about interest rates and why it’s so important for homebuyers to get pre-qualified.

Know Before You Go

Mortgage rates are expected to top five perfect by 2019 as home prices increase, so now is the time to get pre-qualified. Securing mortgage pre-qualification is the first step in the home buying process, even before you start to look for homes. Homebuyers may hear the phrase “know before you go,” which refers to knowing what you can buy before attempting to purchase a home. This is done by getting a pre-qualified letter, as it allows you to be in a position to not lose your dream home because you will know ahead of time what you can and can not afford. It’s crucial to get this done early, as you won’t have much luck with home sellers and real estate agents if you are not pre-qualified.

How To Get Pre-Qualified

To get pre-qualified, you will start by giving your lender an overall financial picture, including your debt, income, and assets. With this information, your lender will evaluate and in return, give you an idea of mortgage you qualify for. The process is typically very straightforward, and can be done in person, online, or over the phone, often at no cost.

Advantages Of Getting A Pre-Qualified Letter

There are many advantages to getting a pre-qualified letter, as it will automatically help homebuyers make an offer on their home. When a seller sees you have been pre-qualified, they feel confident knowing that you will be able to get the financing to buy their home. Buying a home is one of the most significant purchases you will ever make, and you want to feel as confident as possible knowing that you can afford the home.

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