Protect Your Home’s Woodwork from Summer Humidity

Hardwood floor.

Summer is an important time to protect your home from humidity.

Everyone knows that a warm summer in Maryland means lots of heat and humidity.

Unfortunately, the humidity that makes a dip in the pool so appealing can wreak
havoc on your home’s woodwork. If you don’t take the time to protect your home’s
woodwork from the summer humidity running rampant, it can easily cause
permanent damage to your home. How can you protect your home’s woodwork
(and your investment) from summer humidity?

Control the Humidity
Obviously, the best possible way to protect your home’s woodwork from high
humidity is to limit the humidity in your home. Unfortunately, this might sound
easier than it actually is in practice. Some of the best ways to control humidity in
your home include:
Using a dehumidifier to control the amount of humidity in your space at all
times. The best amount of moisture in the air is 30-40%. Anything below can
cause shrinking and anything above can lead to swelling and warping.
 Vent all of your appliances to the outside of your home
 Ventilate your attic
 Use a vapor barrier in your crawlspace to prevent excess humidity from
entering your home there
 Always turn on exhaust fans when using the kitchen, taking a shower, or
taking a bath
 Do you have a forced air furnace? Ensure that a fresh-air intake is installed as
well and that it is working in proper order to keep air moving in and out of
your home.
 Never store firewood inside of your home. As the wood goes through the
process of drying out, the moisture from the wood will enter the air inside of
your home.
 Use energy-efficient windows to keep excess moisture locked out of your
 Monitor the humidity in your home regularly so that you can take action
before your home’s woodwork is damaged.
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