Top Tips Homeowners Should Know Before a Bathroom Remodel

Check out these top tips before starting your bathroom remodel.

Check out these top tips before starting your bathroom remodel.

Are you planning a bathroom remodel? Before you demolish your bathroom, consider these top tips that will make your remodel a much more efficient and painless project.

Go with a Pro

You may be handy, but unless you’ve seen a project of similar scale through to completion, your best bet is to hire a professional team. A bathroom remodel is a big project and makes quite the difference in the overall comfort of your experience at home. Professional will consult you in terms of design possibilities and are equipped with the tools and experience to handle unforeseen circumstances and situations. Protect your investments by working with professionals.  

Flooring Tips

If you want flooring that is easy to care for, choose a porcelain or glazed tile option. Be careful to avoid porous natural stones, like limestone for example. You’ll find yourself constantly sealing and resealing natural stone in your bathroom. For non-slip flooring, go for tiles that have textured surfaces. Matte finishes and glazes that contain sand are also great alternatives. Using smaller tiles that have more grout lines will also create a nonslip surface.

Caulk Tips

Acrylic caulk or caulk made with a hybrid formula are great solutions. They make replacement much easier because they eliminate the need to use harsh chemicals in the removal process. Also, a mildewcide will guarantee protection for up to five years or longer.

Half Bath

Is your bathroom remodel for a half bath? If so, then you’ll have to consider the size of the room. For the sake of comfort, the room should be at least three to four feet wide and six to eight feet long. For specific code requirements, you’ll have to check local codes to make sure that your half bathroom will be compliant.

Efficient Wiring

Install a dedicated 20-amp circuit and enough outlets to support all the appliances you’ll need to use, including your electric toothbrush, blow dryer, electric razor, or straightening iron. It may not be enough just to replace the outlets if your bathroom is currently using 15-amp wiring.


Save yourself some stress later by including space to store your toiletries and other accessories. A great idea that’s gaining popularity is a recessed cubby in your shower. It creates the perfect place to keep your soap and shampoo bottle.

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