4 Summer Home Remodeling Projects

Check out these four home remodeling projects to try this summer.

Check out these four home remodeling projects to try this summer.

Summer is home improvement season, and there are many remodeling projects to consider! With all of the options out there, you may have a hard time deciding where to start. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the top four best home remodeling projects for summer.

Roof Remodel

If your roof is looking a little worse for wear, a roof remodel may be the best place to start. The top signs of an aging roof include mold in the attic, cracked rafters, curling shingles, and ice dams. Your roof is exposed to all of the elements, and after a few years, that damage can show through and possibly be a problem in the future. Before you let your roof get too damaged, take the time the summer to schedule a roof remodel.

Basement Redesign

If your basement isn’t being used to its full potential, this summer is the time to change that! Basements offer a significant amount of living space and can be used for practically any purpose. Whether you want an in-home gym, a new laundry room, a second living room to watch movies, or a space for a family member to move in, your basement is the perfect place to do so!

Landscape Projects

For those looking for an easy remodeling project, stick to the exterior of the home with a landscaping project. The first thing anyone sees as they arrive at your home is the outside, and you want to provide a good first impression! If you are planning to sell your home in the near future, it’s especially important to impress potential buyers with your landscaping. Summer is the perfect time for an outdoor project, as you can enjoy the sunshine and warmth while improving your home. From gardens to outdoor spaces, your options are endless!

Siding Remodel

Another outdoor remodeling project for the summer is a siding remodel. Replacing your siding will not only improve the look of your home and boost curb appeal but will also protect your home from the elements. Signs that you need to complete a remodel include that you often need to repaint the siding, and it looks warped, faded, and has mold or mildew.

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