3 Tips On Building An In-Law Suite

Check out these three tips on building an in-law suite for your home.

Check out these three tips on building an in-law suite for your home.

In-laws suites are growing in popularity, as people want to keep their parents as an active part of their family as they age. The style of the in-law suite depends on their wants and needs, as the suites can be additions, converted rooms or basements, or a free-standing apartment on your property. Continue reading to learn more about in-law suites and how to build the right suite for your family member.

Location Matters

Choosing the location of your in-law suite is an important first step, as the space should allow your family member to feel comfortable and have everything they need. Since your family member will likely want some privacy, in-law suites typically have a personal bathroom, kitchenette, and a living space. If you want to transform an existing room into your in-law suite, basement, garages, or large attics are great choices. If you decide to create a new addition, look for an area along the first floor of your home with little foot traffic that is near an existing bathroom.

Design For Your Occupant

Since in-law suites are often made for elderly family members, it’s essential to keep their wants and needs in mind when building the suite. For example, the bathroom may need no-slip flooring and no-curb showers, while the doors and hallways may need to be wider to fit a rolling walker or wheelchair. It’s also important to know how much privacy and independence they need, as some may not mind living in the basement, while some may prefer a living arrangement that is unattached from the home.

Separate Power

If you think you may rent out the in-law suite in the future, you may want to consider keeping the addition on a separate power source, including heat and air conditioning. If you decide to rent out the suite or use the room as an Airbnb, a separate power source will help with rent. Also, it allows you to shut down the power of the suite when it’s not being used.

Home Additions with Rainbow Construction

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