Crowded House? Consider Adding an In-Law Suite

A good in-law suite is usually a converted garages, basements, or unused room that have everything one needs, while also having privacy from the rest of the home.

A good in-law suite is usually a converted garage, basements, or unused room that has everything one needs, while also having privacy from the rest of the home.

In-law suites, also known as granny suites, are a popular decision these days as more Americans are living with three or more generations in the same household. The in-law suites are usually converted garages, basements, sheds, or attics that have everything one needs, while also having privacy from the rest of the home. These spaces should have a separate bathroom and kitchen, so the person or couple living in the space has some independence, while still being close enough to the family. Rather than building a separate small home in the backyard, converting an underused space in your home is a great option for any family member and will save you money.

Garage Conversion

While garages seem like a good choice for an in-law suite, they are one of the most expensive options. Whether the garage is attached or detached, it is likely that the garage is uninhabitable in the original state. While they may have drywall and electricity, many don’t have heating or air conditioning, enough insulation, plumbing, or an acceptable number of wall outlets to meet residential building codes. However, garages do already have foundations, roofs, framing, and many have a separate entrance.

Basement Conversion

If your basement is already finished, then it is a perfect choice for an in-law suite. The large space can be divided into a bedroom and living area, and a simple kitchen and bathroom can be added by tapping into the pipes and drains already installed.

However, if you have an unfinished basement, you are faced with a bigger challenge. You may have to add sump pumps or French drains to protect against flooding, and a dehumidifier to clear moisture out of the air to prevent mold. You will also probably have to add above-grade windows or a door to create an easy exit to meet building codes.

Updating Unused Rooms

Do you have a room in your house that often goes unused, and you can’t remember the last time you did anything in the space? Whether it’s a dining room, family room and a guest room that rarely gets used, it will make a perfect in-law suite. All that’s left to do is to convert the large space into a bedroom and bathroom. If there is already a bathroom near the room, the extra space can be used as a TV/sitting area. While this option doesn’t provide as much privacy as others, it does save a lot of money while everyone has a room of their own.

Home Additions with Rainbow Construction

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