Making Room for Mom: Home Additions for Aging Parents

A new home addition

A new home addition can be a great solution in helping provide for your aging parents.

Aging parents need a place to live, and this often means inviting them in to our own home. When you need to start making room for mom, it’s important to start looking at home additions. An “in-law” suite is one of the most common additions simply because it’s all encompassing of what an aging parent would need without interfering too drastically with your own life.

An In-Law Suite

An in-law suite, sometimes called a “granny flat,” is a space that is accessible via a door from the main home. This is often created by repurposing a garage, basement, or by creating a completely new addition. This kind of space would be all-encompassing of what mom would need. This includes a bedroom, bathroom, as well as a small kitchenette in most instances. If your aging parent is still relatively self-sufficient and you want to have your own space without having a parent in the way, this might be the best option available to you.

Updating an Existing Room

It’s possible that you will want to renovate a room that you already have. If your aging parent requires more care, they won’t be able to do a lot for themselves. This might mean taking the time to upgrade the bathroom to be more user-friendly for someone with mobility issues. Additionally, you might want to transform the room so that it makes sense for the kind of furniture that you will be moving in – either from their current home or from what hospice or another facility suggests that you have.

An Extra Room

You might simply want to create an extra room. This should be downstairs if at all possible so you don’t experience mobility problems. Even if mobility isn’t an issue now, it could be later on. The room will ensure that children don’t have to share a room just because “grandma” is moving in. This will help to limit any kind of resentment that is created in the family dynamics that you have going on. All sorts of additions and renovations can be made in order to make room for mom. You simply have to look at the space needed and the budget that you have available. This will make it easier to accommodate an aging parent moving into your home. When you’re ready to talk about home additions, call us at 301-843-1018. We will schedule an in-home consultation to discuss your various options.

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