Summer Remodeling vs. Renovations

Thinking of growing your family? A residential custom home is exactly what you need to expand.

Summer is a great time to consider either renovations or remodeling of your home.

Are you curious about tackling a summer remodeling or renovation project this year? Whether or not you realize it, remodeling and renovating are not the same thing. What are the key differences between summer remodeling and summer renovation? Which one are you going to have done this year?


Renovations, or restorations, involve making the existing room or property look new again. When it comes to having work done around your house, a renovation or restoration could mean:

  • Re-painting rooms
  • Re-facing cabinets (instead of replacing)
  • Installing new light fixtures
  • Swapping out bathroom fixtures
  • Changing the finishes in a room
  • Adding new appliances
  • Changing your countertops

Instead of totally changing the original design, a renovation just updates everything that is already there. Renovations can add a significant amount of value to your home, especially when compared to a remodel.


Remodeling is a more drastic process that totally transforms the room in your home. Remodeling involves totally changing the way that you use a space and that a space is laid out. One of the most popular types of remodeling currently is creating an open kitchen by removing the wall between the living room and kitchen. Some homeowners install an island for more food preparation space or even add another set of burners. Remodeling is more costly than renovation, since it involves much more construction, design, work hours, and materials. Remodeling can be done in many areas throughout your home. The most common types of remodeling are kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, and basement remodeling or basement finishing.


Since remodeling costs more up front and at the end, it’s important to choose a well-reviewed and trustworthy contractor like Rainbow Construction. Always take the time to interview your potential contractor and look at past examples of their work to make sure you make the right decision.

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