The Best Countertops For Your Kitchen

Find out what kind of countertop is best for your new kitchen.

Find out what kind of countertop is best for your new kitchen.

When redesigning a home or designing a custom home from scratch, always start with the kitchen first. And within that kitchen redesign, start with the countertops. Your kitchen is the heart of your home, and the countertops are where all the action happens. When deciding which material will work best for you and your new kitchen, it’s important to know all about the good and the bad of each option.


Granite is the go-to choice for countertops for those who frequently cook and plan on sometimes using their countertops as a chopping board. Granite is a natural, porous stone, cut in its natural state and polished, so the final look is natural and organic.

Pros: Granite is harder than marble, and is incredibly strong and durable. It is actually the hardest natural countertop you can find, as it won’t chip or scratch. It can also withstand heat and resist watermarks, and the stone will never fade or become discolored.

Cons: Since granite is a porous material, it requires a sealant to be applied annually to keep the liquids from sleeping in and staining the material, and protect against bacteria. Also, from a design point, granite doesn’t come in many color options, since it is a natural element.


Marble is the most high-end design material and brings a luxurious feel to any kitchen. The rock is formed from recrystallized carbon, and it is impossible to replicate the intricate and natural patterns of marble.

Pros: Marble countertops are naturally gorgeous and make a strong aesthetic statement to any kitchen.

Cons: Marble is the softest and most porous countertop material, meaning that it is high maintenance. A high-grade sealant must often be applied to protect from bacteria and prevent staining from oil, juice or anything acidic.


Quartz is a great option for those who want a low maintenance countertop with a wide range of color options. Made from natural Silestone, quartz countertops are one of the hardest minerals around. The countertops often include small flecks of glass or metallic to create interesting and unique patterns.

Pros: Since quartz is nonporous, it is spill and stain resistant, so there is no need to reapply sealant every year. Also, the countertops are indestructible and come in virtually any color or pattern you want.

Cons: Quartz countertops are 7% resin, meaning that they aren’t completely natural. Also, since they are so low-maintenance and so durable, these countertops are usually pricier than other options.  

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