4 Things to Add to Your Wishlist in Your New Home for Your Child

So, you’ve started the planning process on your must-have’s for your new home! As you’re deciding on storage space, floor-plan layouts and the style you’re looking for, you may want to consider adding a few things specific to your child that will make them over-the-moon happy with their new home!

A Reading Nook
Reading is fundamental to our youth, and having a quiet, designated place to read might make reading assignments a little bit easier on your little one. When designing the child’s bedroom, consider a closet sized nook with extra lighting and even built-in bookshelves that you can add comfortable seating in for your child to escape reality for a few minutes and enjoy a good book!

A Play Area
Children love having their own space to play! Designing a play area for your children might be a great idea, also for your own sanity, to help keep toys in one generalized location, rather than scattered through the house!

A Creativity Room
If your child loves arts and crafts, a creativity nook where they can express themselves without worry for making a mess might be the solution! 

A Homework Station
Similar to a reading nook, children love being able to have their own space to complete their school assignments. In the days of Covid, while children were completing classes from home, homework nooks became extremely popular, and many families have kept their children’s schoolwork stations as homework stations. Having a quiet place to sit, with no distractions, is a great way for children to complete their assignments!

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