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home additions

Adding a sunroom onto your home can help expand your living space.

While many homeowners are thinking about building a custom home, others are thinking about expanding theirs with some home additions. Home additions allow you to stay in the comfort of your current home but get the space of a custom home. So, if you want to increase your living space, let’s take a look at some of the best home additions for your home.

Bathroom Additions

Fifty years ago, it wouldn’t have been uncommon for you to find a three-bedroom home with only one bathroom in it. But homeowners today are looking for something with a bit more space and multiple bathrooms in it. So why not consider a bathroom as one of your home additions? Master bathrooms can give your master bathroom the suite you have always wanted. Typically completed with a bath, shower, and dressing area, a master suite is just the treat you need. A guest bathroom will help turn a single guest space into a guest suite for comfort and privacy. Bathroom additions can help add money and luxury onto your home.

Sunrooms and Added Living Space

A sunroom can let light and air into your home without letting you lose the comfort of the great indoors. When planning a sunroom, it is important to decide of you are going to use this room. Some people opt to use the room as additional living space while others expand the kitchen and dining space. Depending on the use of the room, different construction requirements must be met.

Bedrooms and Second-Story Additions

Building a second-story addition has many benefits including maintaining the floors original footprint and yard space. But adding onto your second-story could mean some structural engineering needs to be done to support the extra materials and an upgrade to your electrical system will also have to be done. But adding more space to your second story could be great. Turn the added space into a private master suite or use the expansion as a studio or playroom.

These are just some of the additions you can add to your home. For more information on planning your home addition, call Rainbow Construction today!

Home Additions with Rainbow Construction!

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