Commercial Space Design Trends of 2022

Whether you’ve decided to go into business for yourself and are starting your new space from scratch, or, your existing space needs a bit of an upgrade, you might be beginning to research designs and trends that will suit your space as you move into the planning stages.

Whether you’re trying to encompass wide open spaces to enhance your team building, or, smaller more private spaces are needed for your business, there are several options to choose from. But, where do you start?

In year’s past, especially during covid, adding a home-like feel to your commercial space was very popular, mostly because so many individuals had grown accustomed to working from home. The bright fluorescent lighting and harsh color tones were phased out to be replaced with more dim lighting, neutral colors and more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing furniture. That trend is still very much alive in commercial space designs, even in our post-pandemic world!

If you’re looking to enhance your commercial space, here are a few tips from the experts on what many employees are looking for in their place of business, and, clients will appreciate when they come to meet with you.

Neutral Tones
Say your logo is yellow, black and green. 10 years ago, it might have been a great move to encompass those colors into your office or commercial space. Now, in our post-pandemic world, bright colors in the workplace are starting to phase out and are letting neutral, soft colors flow in! Painting the walls and updating your flooring with more of a neutral feel will help ease stress and tension, giving your space a home-like atmosphere.

Green/Efficient Operating Systems
Running a business also means you have to fork out money to pay the bills to go along with it. Water bills, electricity, and of course, heating and cooling are necessities in your space, and many have noticed the price tag hasn’t gotten any lighter. Thousands of businesses have opted to go with energy saving appliances, plumbing choices in the kitchen and restrooms and large windows to increase natural lighting and even solar panels to help offset the cost of electricity!

Fun/Unique Furniture Options
Think of the times you’ve sat in Doctor’s office waiting rooms with bland color choices, uncomfortable seating and little to no decorations to look at. The time seemed to go by slowly because you weren’t comfortable. To ensure your guests, whether clients or even employees are comfortable, many businesses are opting to go with fun, unique furniture, plants and accent pieces to help ease the angst of clients (or even the employees staring at the clock waiting for quitting time). 

All in all, these small upgrades can help alleviate the stress that comes with working in a commercial building, the angst while waiting for appointments and even in many cases, your utility bills!

To get expert opinions on designing your commercial space to better suit your needs, visit us online! 


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