How to Choose a Paint Color

Ready to give your home a refreshed look this spring? Updating the paint colors in your home can be an inexpensive way to give your home a facelift! Wondering how to choose a paint color? Consider these steps before making your decision.

Consider the Ambiance You Crave in Your Room
Painting a living room or a family room? You may want to make the room feel comfortable and relaxing. Choosing a soft, neutral color like beige, grey or a soft white might be a great option to consider. Neutral colors naturally give a calming feeling. Looking for more “color”? Cool colors like blues and greens might also be another option to add a little bit of flare but to keep the ambiance calm. 

Painting an exercise room? More vibrant colors might help increase your energy, especially in a room where energy is required. For rooms like this, you might consider a color like turquoise, a bold purple or a brighter green.

Choose Light Colors for Small Spaces.
The wise advice you’ve probably heard all of your adult life is true! Painting a small room with a dark color will make the room feel much smaller than it is. Many realtors suggest that when placing your home for sale, to update the paint to light, neutral colors to give the impression that the home is larger than it is. 

Select Colors that Coordinate with Your Furniture and Decorations.
Unless you plan to give your home an entire refresh, furniture and decorations included, you’ll want to make sure the paint colors that you select coordinate well with your existing belongings. Select a few colors from a decorative throw or painting that you love and coordinate the color to match those items. If you are moving towards more of a neutral look, consider adding a “feature” wall and choose a color from your home decor to use on that wall.

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