Fall Preparation Checklist For Your Garden, Lawn, and Home

Check out this fall preparation checklist for your garden, lawn, and home.

Check out this fall preparation checklist for your garden, lawn, and home.

As the weather starts to get cooler, it’s essential to prepare for your garden, lawn, and home for the change of seasons. Taking care of your yard will not only enhance the look of your property for the fall season, but it will also simplify spring maintenance after a cold winter. Continue reading for a fall preparation checklist for your garden, lawn, and home!

Planting New Bulbs

At the beginning of each season, it’s good practice to clean out the remains of old plants, dried stems, and other debris in your garden. By getting rid of dead plants, it helps to destroy insects and prevents the spread of disease during the spring. Once the old plants are removed, you can plant new bulbs for fall. Tulips, daffodils, and other bulbs are ideal for the fall season while the ground is cool but not yet frozen from winter temperatures.

Leaf Removal

In addition to planting new flowers in your garden, you should also take care of your grass and lawn. As we all know, the fall comes with the chore of raking leaves and clearing debris from your lawn. While leaf removal is not a fun activity, it is important to remove leaves regularly to allow your yard to breathe and remain healthy.

Home Decor

Once your lawn is looking healthy and colorful, have some fun by adding seasonal home decor.  Decorate with pumpkins and Halloween supplies on your front porch, a large wreath on your front door, outdoor lights along your walkway, or all of the above! Fall decor focuses on the greenery of the season, and a few small decorations can make a significant impact on your home.

Landscape Design With Rainbow Homes

Many of the fine designed and constructed new home communities by Rainbow Homes brings in aspects of landscape design into the lot. Whether your home is on a one-quarter acre or a four-acre lot, each landscape plan will reflect the designs and tastes from each homeowner. At Rainbow Construction, we want to encourage the return of the flora of your home by doing the appropriate fall lawn and landscape maintenance for your property!

Create Your Dream Home with Rainbow Construction

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