Home Trends Perfectly Suited for Rover

Today is National Puppy Day, a trend that circulates on social media every year.

While you’re scrolling through your news feeds and taking in all the adorable photos of dogs that might belong to your friends, family or neighbors, you might start thinking that it’s time for you to adopt your own fur baby! But, is your home suited for a new furry addition?

In celebration of #NationalPuppyDay, we thought it might be fun to give you a few ideas to make sure your home is not only dog-proof, but, comfortable for you & your new fur baby!

Avoid the Mess by Being Proactive
Dogs, more specifically, puppies, can sometimes wreak havoc on your home. Whether you’re working through house training, the chewing phase, or, even just your new puppy being nosey and getting into everything (like most puppies do), it’s important to make sure you are proactive in ensuring your home is equipped for anything. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Keep baby gates in front of doorways or stair cases to keep your furry family member centralized in your home (at least until they outgrow the puppy stage)
  • Cover furniture with pet covers, or, invest in pet-friendly furniture
  • Opt for tile flooring or laminate flooring that is pet-friendly to ensure “accidents” are easy to clean up
  • Install a hand-held shower head for easy grooming in the bathtub or stand-up shower

Get Creative with Rover’s Space
Giving your fur baby his own space, whether by providing him or her with their own crate, or simply creating a space with their bed, food and toys will make Rover feel safe and comfortable in his new home. But, what if you don’t necessarily have room to give Rover his own space? It’s time to get creative!

Many families opt to purchase crates for their K-9 family members that double as decorative furniture! Popular sites like Wayfair, or, Amazon have great options to make Rover’s crate part of your home decor!

Built-In Food and Water bowls that slide right out of your cabinets will help keep Rover’s food and water bowls less noticeable!

Have an extra room in your home? Make it Rover’s dedicated playroom! A place with no breakable furniture or decorations, plenty of toys and even a pet camera will give Rover a place to play freely, and, you can keep an eye on him while you’re not home! 

Ready to add to your family? Chat with us about ideas to make your home, whether an existing home or a newly built home, perfect for your new family member! 


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