Homeschool Trends for the Home

With the summer winding down and school starting next week, many have switched gears from vacation mode to preparing to start a busy school year. But, with the pandemic at hand, many parents have chosen to homeschool their children. After months of hybrid learning in 2020, a few trends have now emerged that have our attention, all of which surround at-home school spaces!

Built-In Bookshelves
When you think of school, one of the first things that comes to mind are books! Whether your student has textbooks to keep organized or just books for pleasure reading, built-in bookshelves have become an emerging trend in the last year!

Small Reading Nooks
Reading, regardless of your age is important. Finding a quiet space to read in when you have a busy household can often be a chore. Designating a small area with great lighting, comfortable seating and a quiet ambiance has quickly become a trend to help students (and parents alike) get away for a bit for an escape into literary bliss. 

Permanent Work Stations
The days of doing homework at the kitchen table are quickly fading. With homeschool trends on the rise, many parents are electing to designate a permanent workspace for their children to complete assignments. This space often includes a desk, comfortable chair, computer and internet access, great lighting and even a camera for video conferencing (if needed).

Chalkboard Walls
Remember the days of chalkboard paint? That trend is slowly coming back as families seek ways to instruct their children. Designating a small wall that you can paint with chalkboard paint provides you with in-home access to demonstrate exactly what your student needs to learn. And the best part, you can cover it up when you’re finished with it! 


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