Important Questions to Ask Before Beginning Your Remodeling Project

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Are you ready to begin your remodeling project?

Deciding to start a renovating project is a big decision that you shouldn’t enter into lightly. Remodeling, depending on what rooms are involved, can mean entire sections of your home being unusable and noisy for a week or more. Here are some of the most important questions for you to ask before beginning your renovating project.

What is the Schedule?

Before starting your renovation, make sure to sit down with your contractor and develop a schedule for the project. The schedule should involve more than just an estimated start date and end date. Instead, ask for an outline of different tasks within the renovation and each of their expected deadlines. Even smaller renovating projects like bathrooms can easily fall behind without a strict timeline.

How Will My Property Be Protected?

Before you start your renovating project, discuss what precautions your contractor will be taking to protect your home and keep it in good condition. What dust containment-practices do they take? What rooms of your house will you not be able to use during the renovation? What will they do to protect things that cannot be moved out of room or area?

How Will You Stay in Touch?

Staying in touch with your contractor and workers is critical to finishing the project on time, ensuring it’s done properly, and making sure you’re happy with the end result. Have a chat beforehand about how they communicate and how you would prefer to receive updates on your renovation, whether it’s by text, email, or phone call. If they typically offer weekly calls but you prefer daily, work out a schedule to meet in the middle and chat at the beginning and end of the week. Chances are, they will be happy to accommodate you!

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