How to Know When You Should Remodel vs Renovate

Are you thinking of renovating or remodeling your home? Call Rainbow Construction today!

Are you thinking of renovating or remodeling your home? Call Rainbow Construction today!

The first step in deciding whether you should remodel or renovate your home is knowing the difference between the two terms. To remodel is to alter the structure of a space or other aspect of your home. To renovate means that you are restoring or repairing other elements in a room. Take the time to assess your home and consider the changes you think you’d like to make to the area. Knowing your goals and desires will help you discern which type of work should be done. While both are creative processes, your budget and timeframe will be completely different.  

Time to Renovate

When you walk into your kitchen, bathroom, living room, or other space in your home, assess the condition and appearance of every feature in the room. Are you happy with the layout, your color choices, and other design elements? Are the appliances, accessories, and other fixtures still working? If you think it’s time for a change, then that means that you see an opportunity in one of those aspects to upgrade the space. If the space still functions well for your needs but could use a facelift, then you know a renovation is in order. This could result in subtle cosmetic changes like painting or a different layout design to making repairs to drywall defects and removing wallpaper. You may also see the need to update your fixtures to make the space look and feel more modern.

Time to Remodel

Remodeling projects are often more expensive and take more time to complete than renovations. To remodel a space is to change its structure, function, and maybe even its location. If you assess the space and find that making simple renovations won’t solve the problems you’re facing, then you know it’s time to remodel. Contact professionals to help you navigate all your options. It will often require completely stripping the space of its current characteristics and starting from scratch. If you have an older home and desire a more open concept floorplan or need to update the layout and fixtures in the kitchen to better serve your growing family, remodeling may be necessary. This type of project gives you the opportunity to customize and transform the space to your current needs and style.    

Create Your Dream Home with Rainbow Construction!

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