3 Reasons Why Your Yard Needs A Pool House

Learn about the many benefits of a pool house!

Learn about the many benefits of a pool house!

If you already have a pool on your property, you may want to consider adding a pool house as well. If you recently installed a new pool, you may think that adding a pool house is too much work. It may be expensive, and you will be undertaking yet another project for your home. However, there are many added benefits to putting a pool house on your property that will significantly outweigh the expense of having it built in the first place, as well as the time and energy you put into the planning process and having it built. Here are a few more reasons why a pool house is a great long-term investment.


There are many reasons that a pool house is essential when you have a pool on your property. A pool house is a great place to store all your pool-related items. You probably do not want your goggles, snorkels, rafts, and loungers hanging about in your house or your garage. Store them in the pool house; out of sight, out of mind!

Not only can your pool house be used for the storage of your pool accessories, but you can put your outdoor furniture in there during colder months or during rainstorms. If you garden, then a pool house is a great way to store your plants so they will survive the winter.

For Guests

if your pool house has a bathroom, then you can say ‘goodbye’ to the days of kids and adults alike traipsing their wet feet through your clean, dry home. With a pool house, there is no need for people to come inside your house until they are completely dry, which will allow you to enjoy your summer backyard events worry-free.

Also, why not add a kitchenette and bedroom or loft to your pool house? This gives you a great opportunity to expand your space and give your guests another place to sleep. It allows them to have complete privacy when they want it, and no more sharing bathrooms with guests! Add a new, fun space to your property with a pool house.

Property Value

Adding a pool house technically adds square footage to your home, which will increase your property value down the road. It is even better if you can add another bathroom to the pool house, or a bedroom and a small kitchen!

Let Rainbow Construction Build the Pool House of Your Dreams

Have we convinced you? If you want to build a pool house on your property, Rainbow Construction is here to help! With a reputation like ours and 53 years of experience, you can’t go wrong with us. Call us at 301-843-1018 or visit us online. Follow us on Houzz, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for tips and ideas.

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