Residential Custom Homes for Every Personality

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Custom homes truly bring a homeowner’s vision to life.

When people think of having a residential custom home constructed, they are sometimes apprehensive for a number of reasons. Cost, endless options, and finding the right builder can all take time and effort just to get the project off the ground. But the benefits of having your true dream home catered just for you is always worth the additional efforts — especially when there is, literally, a custom design for every unique style and personality.

Knowing What Makes a Custom Home Unique

When you first start your shopping for a new home, you’ll find drastic differences in “production homes” and those which are custom built just for the homeowner. A “production home” involves the same residential structure design being used multiple times by the came design team. These are most often seen in neighborhoods that are built by large-volume homebuilders and, in fact, the very first suburbs in the United States were constructed after World War II using this production model. All houses in such a residential community may be built by just one production home builder or design team who owns all of the lots. While there are benefits to such production models — uniform maintenance and a certain high standard of construction and elegance, they are far from unique.

By its very definition, a residential custom home is unique and one-of-a-kind, designed and built from scratch specifically for the new homeowner — and matching their own style and vision. This process involves collaboration among the homeowner, the design team and builder, and architect involved in the logistics and zoning requirements. Usually the lot itself is a major factor in the design and construction, and most times, the homeowner has found its own lot for sale, which means a somewhat faster turnaround time for the final move-in date. Custom builders tend to be associated with high quality work, and are focused on a smaller local or regional market, especially the most reputable ones. Finally, custom homes offer two enormous benefits – the homeowner’s choice and vision. These homes offer a homeowner a choice in almost everything in the homebuilding process – from the foundation to the tilework, carpeting and cabinet designs. Usually, residential custom home builders are flexible in mixing diverse styles and plans to construct a home that is truly unique in every way.

Building a Custom Home with Rainbow Construction!

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