How to Use Flooring as a Design Element for Your Home Renovation

Learn how to use flooring as a design element for your home renovation.

Learn how to use flooring as a design element for your home renovation.

Many new design features pop into mind when undertaking a home renovation. You probably think about new paint colors for your walls, new lighting fixtures, crown molding, and even new furniture and appliances. All these elements will enhance the function and beauty of your newly renovated space. However, have you considered looking down and using your flooring as another opportunity to enhance the design? Here’s how you can use flooring as a design element for your home renovation.


Under the category of flooring design, one of the most popular trends is to leave carpet in the past. Although it provides comfort on your feet and can enhance the feeling of warmth in the room, it can be a hassle to care for and will often worsen allergies. Carpeting holds in a lot of dust, pet dander, and even pollen tracked in from outside. It’s also hard to keep clean from smells, stains, and other debris. Ditch the carpet and use hard surface flooring paired with fashionable area rugs. While many homeowners opt for hardwood flooring, there are also tile and designer plank options. Choose a material that will help drive and influence the overall design and look of your home.

Enhance Space and Traffic

Use your flooring as a design opportunity as well as a way to help direct traffic or influence the way the size of a room feels. Patterns, texture, and color are all great ways to make a visual impact in a room. You can use it as a focal point or help break up the scheme of an otherwise monochromatic space. In addition, the way that you design those patterns, textures, and colors can also impact your experience in the room. For example, you can use the direction of a particular pattern to subtly encourage people to move in the direction of a larger space. Keep in mind that consistency from one room to the next on the same floor in your home creates better flow and cohesion for you overall renovation design.  

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