Traditional vs. Open Floor-Plan | Which is the Best Option for You?

When designing your dream home, one of the most important decisions you can make is on the layout of your home. You’ll want whichever style you decide on to be one that you and your family feel most comfortable in. Deciding whether you’ll go with more of a traditional layout, or, you’ll want more of an open layout, is a decision that you’ll want to make ahead of time, along with configuring the spaces within your floor-plan!

So, what is the difference, and how will you decide?

traditional floor-plan simply spoken is a floor-plan that includes walls between all common living areas, including the kitchen, dining area, and living or family room. In some cases, traditional floor-plans even contain doors between the rooms to add increased privacy. With a traditional floor-plan comes the opportunity to give each room in your home it’s own style and design, without clashing with the rest of the rooms in the house. Additionally, if you have family members using portions of your home for activities other than what they are typically designed for (like utilizing a dining room as an office or study), having a traditional floor-plan will help can keep the room more private and reduce the noise level. 

An open floor-plan is a floor-plan that has all common spaces open, without walls or doors between them. Many families prefer an open floor-plan to give the feeling of a larger space which is great for entertaining and for large families that enjoy spending time together in one space. Additionally, an open floor-plan is ideal for enhancing natural light throughout your space. Large windows and fewer walls will give you the lighting and the open space you’re looking for!

Contact our team to discuss your needs and desires and let our experts help you decide which floor-plan style is right for you! 



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