Remodeling vs. Moving: Why Remodeling Wins Every Time

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Don’t relocate — remodel!

Moving your home is full of hidden expenses, stress, and family arguments over your potential new locations. Instead of packing up all of your things (and family) and moving somewhere else, why not consider remodeling? Remodeling can make a great home even better or turn a blah home into something that feels perfect for you. What are some of the best reasons to remodel instead of moving?

Avoid Moving Expenses

The act of moving is incredibly expensive, even without factoring in the actual cost of the home you’re going to buy. The average cost of moving into a $200,000 home is a whopping $15,000 including fees, commissions, property taxes, and purchases for the new home. Wouldn’t that $15,000 (or more!) go a lot further within the walls of your existing home? You could remodel an entire bathroom for that amount alone.

Don’t Deal with Someone Else’s Problem

Moving homes often means dealing with someone else’s hidden issues and having to pay the price. Remodeling your home can still uncover hidden issues, but you will have control over the entire repair process along with your skilled contractor. If you are moving into another home and shoddy repairs have recently been completed, they might not show up on the inspection report since the item seems fixed. Remodeling your home ensures that repairs are completed by licensed professional contractors, so you won’t discover a roofing or siding issue months after you’re in the new home.

Keep Your Family Stress-Free

Remodeling can be a stressful process, but it is definitely less stressful than switching school systems, having to explore a new neighborhood, and leaving established friends behind. If you have children, remodeling is a much better option than moving outright. Even if you don’t, you probably have friends in your immediate neighborhood that you would need to leave behind in the move.

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