How to Choose the Perfect Commercial Building Contractor

So, you have a vision and are ready to make your dream a reality. To start with, you’ll need a building. Whether you start from scratch or convert an existing building into one that is conducive to your needs, you’ll need to choose a contractor that you trust will get the job done right. Afterall, you’re spending the money to make this dream a reality, you want to make sure you’re spending your dollars wisely.

Choosing the perfect commercial building contractor can be a cumbersome task, but, going in prepared to make this decision can save you time, money & most importantly, your sanity!

Here are a few items to consider when choosing the perfect builder!

Consider Your Project’s Specific Needs
Whether your company is going green and is in need of energy-efficient materials or you have a need for a particular design that is conducive to your operations, knowing exactly what you’re looking for can help make a difference when choosing your builder. 

Check Reviews and References from Past Projects
Just like hiring a candidate for a position at your company, you want to know as much as you can about your builder’s history. Ask for a list of references from past projects they’ve done and specs that they used. Visit these locations if you can. Take a tour through the facility to check out the overall quality, look and feel. Contact the past references to learn whether the jobs were completed on time, within budget, and what their trials and tribulations were, if any! Leaning on past references can save you time, money and from disappointment if you’re confident that the builder you’ve chosen has lived up to the expectations of clients in the past. 

Request Multiple Bids from Several Contractors
Once you’ve made contact with builders that you’re considering for your project, and have verified that you’d trust these companies to perform the duties you need, ask for bids for your project. Several bids. Verify the materials that will be used (particularly the quality of materials) and the labor, suggested timeframe and craftsmanship of all of your options before coming to a final decision. 


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